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Bang & Olufsen

Bang & Olufsen UK have used Perry McCarthy on many occasions as a guest speaker for our highly discerning customer network. Perry’s talks never fail to impress, amuse and delight the audience … is there no end to this man’s library of tales?


With Perry you can always guarantee that your guests are going to have a fun time. His ability to grab everyone’s attention and make them laugh has ensured that we book him on a regular basis.

HBOS Legal Dinner

Very entertaining speech by Perry. Great that he used short stories to entertain. It was good to see Perry mingling with the guests afterwards so they had the chance to ask him questions on an informal basis. Much appreciated and would recommend him for future work.


Perry went down a storm at our event, he was very easy to get along with and interacted with many people. The Q&A session he did after his talk could have gone on for hours as people had so many questions for him!

Metis Launch Event

Perry was a fantastic speaker, extremely animated and made the event. His speech was very entertaining and basically made everyone laugh – a really great choice!


Thank you so much for the brilliant drivers’ briefing you did for the Revival. You had everyone in stitches and as far as Stirling Moss was concerned, it was definitely the highlight of his whole weekend – he talked about nothing else. Your future as an entertainer is definitely assured! Thanks so much for bringing such a light touch to the proceedings and very much hope to see you soon.

Kerneos Limited

Perry is the most fantastic after lunch speaker – extremely entertaining, exciting and humorous. The question and answer session was absolutely brilliant with participation from the whole room – not in the least contrived in any way. The rapport he had with his "audience" was nothing short of brilliant!

Grand Prix Tours

Grand Prix Tours offers complete packages for race fans to go and see the races and includes cocktail parties hosted by race celebrities as part of the race weekend. Perry has hosted many of our race preview parties and is always very candid, informative and extremely entertaining. Perry's talks are always a highlight of the race weekend and our clients love him!


All our guests had so much fun. The chance to challenge the original Stig proved irresistible and is something they'll remember for a very long time!

Car Care Plan

We had a great laugh all evening.

P&O Cruises

A good, lively speaker who went down well and was very popular with the audience. A lot of time before, between and after shows were spent talking and having photos taken with people.