Recent reports state that globally over 1.2 million people die on the road each year. If those deaths were caused by a disease it would be noted as an epidemic. Tens of millions of dollars have been spent in trying to understand the cause of collisions but a common cause is 'lack of due care and attention' which includes driver distraction.

Perry McCarthy is passionate about his message for the need to concentrate whilst driving, the need to focus, the need for judgement, the need to anticipate and the need for common sense, patience and consideration. His approach is not complicated. It is simple and adoptable by the everyday driver and is designed to saves lives. As always though, Perry's talks are fun and engaging but he uses that style to keep audience attention to pass on his serious messages.

Perry's achievements as a racing driver and his popularity as the original Stig from BBC Top Gear ensures he is listened to and, as the Police and other motoring organisations have commented, that has proven highly effective as a great way to encourage best driver attitudes. Perry is available to give corporate speeches and interviews on better driving, business driving and road safety.

Sample of Road Safety Speeches and Endorsements

Maire Campbell, Public Affairs and Communications Manager, Coca Cola

Coca-Cola's Designated Driver campaign is supported by Department of the Environment (Northern Ireland) and the Police Service of Northern Ireland.

The campaign aims to further reduce instances of drink driving by rewarding local drivers who choose not to drink alcohol on a night out. To launch he programme into the public domain it was essential to use a personality that would have widespread appeal and generate media and consumer interest.

Perry was the ideal choice, his endorsement of the programme generated huge media coverage and interest throughout the country. Working with Perry was an absolute pleasure. He really understood and cared about what the programme aimed to achieve and he employed enthusiasm and professionalism throughout.

An enigmatic character Perry is also a superb speaker and this mixed with likability and his dynamic style, made him the perfect ambassador for our company on this occasion.

Bridgestone Tyres

As part of its 'Think before You Drive' campaign, Bridgestone wanted to educate drivers.

Research by the global tyre manufacturer showed Britain has become a nation where ignorance is bliss because drivers are not making the most of basic checks on their vehicles. Of the 1,500 sampled, 65 per cent admitting they don't take regular care of their cars.

To support the campaign, Bridgestone teamed up with Perry McCarthy the original 'Stig' of Top Gear to provide advice to motorists on ensuring their cars are fit to take to the road.

"Perry was a first class choice in communicating our findings and message, and was able to deliver in an entertaining and informative way to our target of 20 UK radio stations in one day".

Mike Harris, Police Constable 2957, Thames Valley Police Driving School

"Perry visited the Thames Valley Police driving school but the idea needed to be run past our senior officers at HQ. It was only when I started asking people did I fully understand the 'Stig Effect'.

I had made some prior plans to try and give him a varied look at our training and methods. The first day was spent with me whilst I trained two students in the fine art of high speed road driving to the 'Police System'. Perry was an interested spectator who raised some very valid points with both the students and myself. The following morning was at our airfield facility at Upper Heyford. He experienced the fine art of J turning, a tactic we were teaching to a group of officers from our Royal Protection Unit. The final exercise was a timed run through our track based roadway, we all had a go, students, instructors and of course The Stig. Needless to say Perry turned in an unbeatable time.

The following morning I left Perry with one of our Roads Policing Officers, a chance for him to see what we teach put into practise. To sum up his time with us, I saw his friendly outgoing nature pull in everyone he came into contact with, a nice bloke with exceptional car handling skill and what I suspect is rare in a race driver: a real commitment to road safety, he genuinely wants everyone to be a great driver".

Suzanne Smith, Manager, Key Skills Lecturer, Chelmsford College

Perry came along and gave a lively talk on his experiences, both as an F1 driver and as the Stig. More importantly he talked to them about safety issues surrounding young drivers.

At Chelmsford College we have a large construction department in which many students fall into the 16-19 age group. Perry proved very entertaining and the students bombarded him with questions throughout. He also brought along copies of his book and presented them to students, nominated by lecturers, for outstanding achievement.

Perry's visit was extremely useful to us, as lecturers. We constantly strive to find topics and people which engage our students and really interest them. We hit on a winner with Perry and look forward to seeing him again in the future.